Love works

Love works

We all want to get our ex back expecially when we realize that we do still love them. You find that you do miss them and it is heart breaking for you each time you miss them or think about them. All you want is to get them back into your life as fast as possible. So how do you get your ex back into your life?

There are ways in which you can get your ex back, you could stop and have a really good think as to why the relationship occurred in the first place. It does take two people to tango so take ownership of what you did to make the relationship lead to the breakup. Of course your ex had reasons why they wanted to call it quits. So he has his issues on why he no longer wanted to pursue a relationship with you.

Time out

It is important that after experiencing a breakup all you want to do is get in touch again with your ex. This is not a wise move at all, rather when you are so emotional, no doubt if you did get in touch you would be hurt, angry and not rational as you no doubt would end up pleading for your ex to get with you. So take the time out to become rational and logical within yourself realize what you did that could have contributed to the break up.

Texting the ex

It is better that you do not call or facebook your ex or even text your ex, let some time pass say about a week, after that do send them a text that is simple and to the point, rather that you do understand why the break up occurred and that you do accept that it is over, and that you do wish them well in life. When you show your ex that you are being positive about the breakup this will get their attention, no doubt they were expecting soppy text messages of I love you and miss you. Rather they received a wake up call, that you are not willing to get them back rather that you accepted it all.

The ex texts back

Having an approach that you do accept the break up will stir your ex boyfriends ego, he will then want to have you back, as he will realize that you are not pursuing him, and now he realizes that he cannot play any emotional games with you as you have told him that you are stepping away and out of his life for good. Your ex will want you back. He will no doubt text you and ask to see you, just to talk.

The ball is in your court

Once your ex has text back that he does want to see you again it is up to you whether you make the decision or not, no doubt if you hesitate in responding, this is where your ex will send you another text hinting to you that he regrets the breakup and wants to be with you again. So do realize it has become an opportunity where you become the decision maker of whether you want your ex boyfriend back or not.

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